Thursday, February 13, 2020

Discuss the future of rhetoric in our electronic age Research Paper - 1

Discuss the future of rhetoric in our electronic age - Research Paper Example This means there is further evolution in store for rhetoric and it cannot become obsolete however, classical rhetoric may never regain its lost position. In this paper, rhetoric has been discussed from various aspects from its origin to evolution, post-modern theory of rhetoric and the challenges it faces from electronic media. From ancient times rhetoric has served as the perfect art of discourse, which allows a speaker/writer/researcher to enlighten, motivate and even persuade a given set of audience and/or readers. The need and significance of rhetoric as an effective form of art and a component of English studies has been realized from the time of Aristotle. However, with the onset of post-modern era a question mark has been added to its requirement since the electronic age and the gadget generation has left little room for discourse using classical rhetoric processes. Nonetheless, the future of rhetoric is something that remains to be analyzed properly without dangling into the argument of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of this art form in electronic era. In this paper, the future of rhetoric in our electronic age will be explored and an analysis will be made about its historical evolution and the challenges it faces today utilizing information from various scholarly sources. In simple words rhetoric is the assertion of â€Å"Eiro or I Say†. It is the â€Å"art of discourse,† or â€Å"art of speaking,† which has been practiced since ancient eras and was one of the three subjects of the Trivium (syllabus) of medieval universities the other two being Grammar and Logic. (Fishwick, 2007) The word Rhetoric has been derived from a Greek word â€Å"rhetorike† which denotes the â€Å"civic art† of public speaking since it was largely developed in deliberative public forums such as law courts. Rhetoric as a term was firstly used by Plato in his

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