Saturday, February 29, 2020

Art History Essay -- William Hogarth, Hogarthian Style

The Hogarthian style, is believed to have laid the foundation of the Rococo era also referred to as Late Baroque, its use of simplistic shell like shapes to promote colloquialisms of ornamental symmetry. Use of intercut design within portraiture ,providing smooth and consistent brush strokes in order to provide a precise depiction of the narrative , presenting subtle elements of eroticism in order to express a sense of playfulness and elegance of the era . Use of drapery to complement the bodily composition for each character , the use of broad and subtle emotional states express aspects of classicism such as contrapposto to provide bodily composition to create a sense of dynamics o... ... middle of paper ... maintain the balance. While the other resides at her waist complementing her feminine figure. Such emphasis on bodily composition and femininity , contributes to the satirical elements of the Rococo era, presenting such sexual themes in order to emphasize that the woman presented wishes for the embrace of financial security. Hoping that a beloved gentlemen well arrive in order to provide her a substantial future. But also infers the common trend of the era was infidelity , usually portrayed through scandals, that commoners engaged the aristocracy, through acts of intercourse in order to satisfy the erotic needs of their superiors , either believing that the individual well be a worthy partner both economically and emotionally. Or simply she adopts the life style of a cortisone and or escort , simply using her physical beauty in order to implement clients.

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