Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Animals Are Good Essay -- essays research papers

cures await discovery. Although the list is pretty much endless, here are some examples, by decade, including the main species used that were crucial to the discovery: Pre-1900: Treatment for rabies (dogs, rabbits), smallpox (cows), anthrax (sheep). 1900s: Cardiac catheterization techniques (dogs, rabbits), treatment for rickets (dogs). 1920s: Discovery of insulin (dogs). 1930s: Development of modern anesthesia (dogs), prevention of tetanus (horses), development of anticoagulants (cats). 1940s: Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (rabbits, monkeys), discovery of the RH factor (monkeys), prevention of diptheria (horses), antibiotics (rats, mice, rabbits, etc), treatment for whooping cough (pigs and rabbits). 1950s: Prevention of polio (rabbits, monkeys, rodents), discovery of DNA (rats and mice), development of open-heart surgery and pacemaker (dogs), development of cancer chemotherapy (monkeys, rabbits and rodents). 1960s: Development of lithium treatment (rats and guinea pigs), prevention of rubella (monkeys). 1970s: Prevention of measles (monkeys), treatment for leprosy (monkeys, armadillos), heart bypass surgery (dogs). 1980s: Development of monoclonal antibodies for treating diseases (mice, rabbits), organ transplant advances (dogs, sheep, cows and pigs). 1990s: Laproscopic surgical techniques (pigs), breast cancer genetic and environmental links (fruit flies, mice and rats), gene therapy for cystic fibrosis (mice and primates). It is often hard to c...

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